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We are the North Shore's oldest and most experienced guided kayak tour company. Let us show you the spirit of Aloha



Our guides are well trained in ocean safety as well as Hawaiian history. You will have a great time learning about island culture, Local legends, activities, and great places to dine.


We kayak tour on the beautiful north shore of Oahu, including Haleiwa and the Anahulu river, as well as Chinaman's Hat. All of the locations are amazing!


Our kayak tours are private so when you kayak with us it will just be your group. This allows us to give you an intimate and personal kayak tour that will leave you with an incredible life long memories

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2 Hour Haleiwa Anahula River Kayak Tour

The 2 hour Haleiwa anahulu river kayak  tour is beautiful and peaceful.  The river is well suited for beginner paddlers and young families as well as those wanting to have a leisurely paddle. We often see turtles in the river. We even spend a little time in the Waialua bay. Learn why the Kings and Queens of Hawaii loved Ali'i beach. Afterwards  spend some time is the surf capital of the world.

$80 Dollars Per Person

Sunset Views 2/hr Haleiwa Kayak Tour

This kayak tour launches at beautiful Haleiwa beach park just before sunset and we paddle the lazy anahulu river. We time it to end with sunset in Waialua Bay. A great way to end the day before having dinner at one of the many local restaurants.

$90 Dollars Per Person

Sunset Views & Barbeque 2/hr Haleiwa Anahulu River Kayak Tour

Nothing beats ending the day like a sunset river kayak followed by a tasty homemade barbeque right on the beach. Kick back, relax, and let us do all the cooking. We use local kiawe wood "mesquite" for real barbeque flavor. We source local produce and protiens to create a tasty local style meal. All meals include rice, mac salad, kimchi, and a drink. Sample of possible veggies and proteins below.

corn on the cob, grilled veggie mele, grilled squash, fresh Island fish, barbeque chicken, beef tri tip, pork

$150 Dollars Per Person-

Minimum 4 Guest

3 hour Haleiwa anahulu river kayak tour

On this 3 hour kayak tour we go out into the coastal waters beyond the Waialua bay as well as kayak the Haleiwa anahulu river. This is a great paddle for those wanting a little more than just the river. Great turtle veiwing opportunities on this kayak tour. Dolphins frequent this area in the summer and Whales visit us in the winter. Learn Hawaiian history along the paddle. Explore historic Haleiwa after.

$120 Dollars Per Person

3 hour Chinaman's Hat Kayak Tour

This is a combo trip that includes a kayak paddle to island followed by a hike to the top of the hat. Beautiful views await those willing to hike to the summit. The hike becomes more difficult the higher you go. We only go as high as you feel comfortable with. The beach hike to the blow hole and cave is easier. Along the way we pass ancient hawaiian spear making sites. Water proof footwear is the best option for your feet. There is plenty of Hawaiian history associated with this location.

$120 Dollars Per Person

5 hour Chinaman's Hat Kayak Tour

The 5 hour Chinaman's hat kayak tour is a well rounded day offering a good mix of hiking and paddling. We start with a paddle to mokoli'i island followed by a hike to the summit and back beach. We then provide a delicious home made lunch followed by a paddle to the entrance of the sacred hawaiian fish pond in the back of Kaneohe bay. This is the best tour for exploring and learnin everything this location has to offer.

$200 Dollars Per Person

5 hour North Shore Kayak Tour

The north shore is an amazing place. The kayak tour starts at 3 tables just north of waimea bay and ends in Haleiwa. We provide a home made lunch along with water, drinks, and snacks on this tour as well as transportation back to 3 tables. This is a great intermediate level kayak tour. Lots of turtles on this kayak tour with good possibilities for dolphins in the summer and whales in the winter. Plenty of time to learn about Hawaiian history and culture. Stunning views of the north shore.

$200 Dollars Per Person

7 Hour North Shore Kayak Tour

The grand daddy. This kayak tour starts at sunset beach and ends in Haleiwa. We provide a full amazing lunch on this tour as well as an ice chest filled with snacks, water, and drinks. We also give you a ride back to sunset beach at the end of the tour. This is an intermediate to advanced level kayak tour. A great way to see the whole north shore. Lots of chances for Marine wildlife. We stop for a break at stunning Waimea Bay. Our most adventures kayak tour. An awesome day.

$240 Dollars Per Person

3hr / 5hr / 7hr Whale Watching Kayak Tours Oahu, Haleiwa, North Shore

Whale watching kayak tours are available. Whale season starts up in November and ends in May. The best time for whale watching on the North Shore is March and April. Whale watching kayak tours are dependent on very good weather and ocean conditions. We paddle out about a mile into the open ocean so the sea needs to be calm. For this reason we do not pre book Whale watching kayak tours. The best thing to do is let us know of your intended dates and we will track the weather for the best day

$120/3hr $200/5hr $240/7hr Dollars Per Person

Trip Advisor Reviews

Kitty Gal Wrote

"perfection on the river"

Travel Fan 7700 Wrote

"Amazing family tour. We had such a great tour with Dave (AKA) Boogie-D"

Brad Bskkrieske Wrote

"3Rd time out and we'll keep coming back"

Danielle DSpowers85 wrote

"Ultimate Hawaiian kayaking Experience"